Reported Cases

Reported Cases

Thomas v. Nautilus Ins. Co., 2011 WL 4369496 (D.Mont., September 19, 2011); We defended, through a jury trial, a contractor that had been sued over construction of a house. The contractor’s insurance company denied coverage and refused to defend. We pursued a coverage case, and for damages for the contractor against the insurance company in Federal Court, Thomas won and was compensated.

Hudson v. Edsall v. Odyssey Insurance Company, 30 M.F.R. 462 (D. Mont. 2002); Our client was severely injured when he was bucked off a horse that he purchased at a certified horse sale. The sale was covered by a rodeo policy. The insurer denied coverage and refused to defend. We obtained a judgment against the at fault party for $1.94 MM, then sued the insurance company in Federal Court to collect the judgment and an undisclosed amount more. Our client won.

Bell v. Glock, Inc. (USA), 92 F.Supp.2d 1067 (D. Mont., 2000); We represented the mother of a boy who was killed due to an accidental discharge of a Glock firearm. Glock settled for a confidential amount.

Hilton v. Sprinkle, 302 Mont. 43, 12 P.3d 429 (2000); We represented a woman who was hit in a bar by the Lincoln County attorney. The case was tried to a jury, the woman won and was awarded damages. The bar that over served the perpetrator settled prior to trial.

Sinclair v. Big Bud Mfg. Co., 262 Mont. 363, 865 P.2d 264 (1993); We defended a tractor manufacturing company from its CEO who sued for wrongful discharge after the company went bankrupt. The CEO’s claim was dismissed by the District Court, which was affirmed by the Montana Supreme Court.

Marriage of Troutman, 2015 MT 235N, (2015); This was a divorce case which involved the division of property, including a house. Laura claimed the District Court erred and Gary got too much of the marital estate. On appeal the Montana Supreme Court reversed the District Court and also awarded Gary more than the District Court had given him. We represented Gary.

Kiser v. Kiser, 2015 MT 315; Heirs were fighting over real estate held by their father. Our client was entitled to, and got the real estate. A disgruntled heir then sued our client for nursing home and other expenses. The District Court dismissed our defense. We appealed and the Montana Supreme Court reversed, reinstated our case, and remanded it to District Court.

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